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Meme Lang

Granite City's Most Chaotic Friend Group


Meme Lang. A simple idea, A Granite City friend group. Though, a lot of people consider us to be more than that.

Here at Meme Lang, our goal is to become a Local Anomaly. We won't give much information about Meme Lang. However, I will say, Meme Lang does not care about money. All we want is a folowing, People who will support us with great interest. As of now, we've only gained a following on the internet. Now we believe it is time to step up our game, and become a legend among our home town of Granite City!

Meme Lang's Members

Meme Lang has roughly 20 members, with around 13 of them being very active.

Owner - Gurinma
Co-Owners - Zidnaf, Shaken, and Sundew
Members - Xeninon, Snusfilm, 4Plxiity, Squidwont, SoulHaven, Yvatuin, Hailee, Flat Nova, and The Pharaoh

Thank you for your time.